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Customer Identity Resolution.

The Customer Data Dilemma

Susan books cheap flights through an online travel agency but books her work travel directly through the carrier. John searches for shoes on his phone but buys them on his computer. Without an intelligent solution that stitches a customer’s disparate interactions together, Susan and John’s interactions can inadvertently get recorded as separate customer identities and records, muddying their profiles and making it near impossible to personalize to them with confidence

Among other reasons, customer data doesn’t neatly fit together, most systems weren’t built to integrate, and many data sources lack linking keys. Making is more, customer data is growing exponentially from an increasing number of sources including POS, mobile, transaction, loyalty, marketing response, IOT sensor, clickstream, geo location and social media. Whether used for basic analysis or powering advanced predictive models, customer identity resolution is a foundational step to obtaining the information needed to make correct business decisions.

Beacon Customer Identity Resolution

Beacon’s experienced specialists understand this problem and have proven matching technology that correctly stitch customer data together and delivers it to all of your marketing tools, systems, and business users. We’ll help your team design, build and deploy intelligent machine learning models so you can trust your customer data and improve business outcomes. And we’ll do it in a way that respects customer privacy and keeps their data secure.

What’s at Stake

More and more, personalization is a matter of ‘eat or be eaten’ for many companies. According to research by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the 15% of brands that get personalization right over the next 5 years will capture an additional $800 billion in market share. Accenture reported that 41% of the 25,000 consumers they surveyed abandoned brands last year because of “poor personalization and lack of trust.” If your personalization efforts have stalled, your CEO or board have customer analytics questions you can’t answer, or you’re struggling to put the customer data puzzle pieces together on your own, consider investing in Customer Identity Resolution.

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