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Driving Customer Journey Insights

American restaurant chain offering breakfast and lunch with more than 420 locations in 28 states and 9,000 employees.

PROBLEM: Lack of business ownership of customer identity from different data sources. Customer analytics and insights were unidentifiable to drive business strategy and value. No knowledge of customer frequency overtime and behaviors of loyal customer base. 

SOLUTION: Provide First Watch end state users with the ability to identify customers from all data sources and generate insights and perform analyzations. Discovered customer baseline profiles including top 20%, off-premise, and different order behavior customers. Identified key insights to tie to a customer profile including CLV, frequency, and more. 


Design and develop a customer matching system to tie each transaction to one person. Provide customer journey analytics and insights to drive business value. 

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Gained customer identity to drive customer journey insights and improve analytics to drive business value. Matched 41+ million records over 130+ million transactions and identified 10 customer behavior profiles. 

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