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Establishing Reporting & Maintaining Data Integrity

Industry's leading charter revenue model for aircraft management. Largest combined super-midsized and heavy jet fleet in the US with 85 aircraft.  

PROBLEM: After the critical Flight Operations System (FOS) vendor gave 6 mo’s notice to decommission service, business operations (including $100M+ and growing) were at risk and all reporting would go stale. To avoid catastrophe, the company had only 4 months to replace systems for a suitable core app, configure all downstream applications, build API gateways for 3rd party applications to connect and rebuild all BI reports.

SOLUTION: Beacon mapped out data integrations between downstream applications and developed an operational infrastructure,  including API gateways, to connect downstream applications. Additionally, we built an ideal data architecture, established a data governance framework and a foundation to operate the business with business intelligence and analytics, including a best practices for maintaining KPIs and data integrity. 

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Established operational and reporting infrastructure with data integrity. Over a rapid timeline of 2 months, 23 critical reports were built and aligned with data governance needs, and 177 tables within 10 datasets migrated to guarantee continuity.

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