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Boosting Productivity & Attribution.

A leading private equity backed online theater ticketing and media company.

Phase 1: Data Engineering


GOAL: Fragmented data led to business analyses being done in silos. Data team’s bandwidth became the insights bottleneck. Delayed ticket and query responses caused stale findings that limited correct conclusions and actions. Contributing factors included developer-dependent reporting systems, tons of python scripts written for ETL & integrations, lost institutional knowledge from departing developers, and a not fully integrated BI platform.

INSIGHT + ACTION: Implemented a comprehensive data warehouse that requires minimum maintenance or self-service and updates in near real-time supporting over 30 integrations. Implemented an automated and comprehensive self-service, no-SQL BI and reporting suite. Eliminated the need for full-time data engineers, and deployed a self-service no-SQL Bl platform.

TECH STACK: Data lake and data warehouse created on AWS (Redshift, S3). Implemented Alooma and Segment for data pipeline as a service. DBT and Airflow for data wrangling. Looker for Bl.

BUSINESS OUTCOME: By designing and implementing an intelligent data strategy Beacon Data successfully reduced data support staff costs. 30+ near-real time integrations. 25% increase in company-wide productivity.

Accelerating Growth Through Multi-Channel Attribution.

Phase 2: Data Analytics


GOAL: When running multiple campaigns in today's multi-device world, it can be tricky to measure ROI for each. How much influence did the Twitter ad impression make in this sign up? How about the branded Adwords campaign? If most of your conversions come from paid search, should you still continue to invest in paid social? TodayTix sought a multi-channel attribution system to provide data-driven answers to these questions.

INSIGHT + ACTION: Beacon met with stakeholders across TodayTix’s marketing and engineering teams to understand the details of their marketing strategies and help set up a taxonomy for tracking their various channels and campaigns proactively outlining potential attribution pitfalls and nuances the client wasn’t aware of. Beacon worked with us to develop a complex attribution system that not only worked within their existing data visualization system (Looker) but also ingested data points from multiple systems (Segment, Branch) as well as advertising/CRM platforms (Facebook, Salesforce, Swrve).

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Marketing spend ROI has meaningfully increased as the client has invested more in the most profitable channels and campaigns identified by the client’s multi-touch attribution system.

By partnering with Beacon to optimize our data stack, the whole team at TodayTix is finally on the same page and able to really focus on growth. There was no need to turn to any other groups based on Beacon’s ability to meet our needs and work within our team.

Our team has been able to scale our digital marketing program significantly over the past few months. We have a clear picture of what channels we should increase and decrease investment in. Also, which channels require the aid of our owned channels in order to super-charge efficiency. As we advance our marketing strategy to include additional spend in offline and above-the-line channels we are glad that we worked with Beacon to build a system that could expand to help us understand how these channels also play into our customer acquisition journey.

- Park Denning, TodayTix VP of Data Insights

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