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Building New Marketing Strategies

Direct seller of whole food-based nutritional products in the USA and 20+ countries; specializes in concentrated fruit & vegetable juice extracts with added vitamins and nutrients.

PROBLEM: Client had plentiful customer data, but needed guidance on developing customer journeys analytics. The goal was to drive new marketing/promotion strategies, find customer- partnership opportunities, and generate internal business insights. A lack of data modeling and exposure prevented had visibility into customer metrics like churn, purchase patterns, CLV and ideal product recommendations.

SOLUTION: After jointly developing a Strategic Data Roadmap, Beacon developed predictive ML models for personalized product recommendations, predictions of  customers churn risk, and the probability of recruiting customers as partners. We designed, built and implemented pilot models for marketing campaigns to improve customer count, broaden customer purchases, and increase customer partnerships.

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Leveraged customer data and predictive ML models to drive new marketing strategies and enhance business decisions and profitability. $3 million revenue lift projection YoY from churn prediction and a 6% decrease in churn with predictive ML models. 

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