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Improving Consumer Debt Collection

Company with 15K customer care pros focused on providing outsourced customer experiences like consumer debt collection.

GOAL: In the aftermath of the global financial meltdown, client needed to optimize and prioritize their debt collections outreach efforts (5-10M calls/day to 60M consumers) to improve collection productivity and profitability.

INSIGHT + ACTION: Developed a series of prediction models to identify an expected $ value for each dial attempt, and prioritize calls based on when and whom to call, how much to ask for, and which agent will yield the highest profits.

Model predictions included:

  • Consumer liquidity in 30 / 60 / 90 days

  • Probability of paying in next 30 days

  • Probability of contacting someone on next dial attempt

  • Expected $ value of next call attempt

  • Expected profit on next call attempt

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Predicted 30 / 60/ 90 day consumer liquidity and value of next call to increase collections efficiency by over 140% and improving contact center profitability. 

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