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Revolutionizing Data Management

​Industry leader providing home services to franchise network.

GOAL: To enhance operational efficiency by addressing challenges associated with increasing volumes of unstructured add-on data and achieving a unified, cleansed customer list.


  • Developed a detailed roadmap outlining solution plans and design strategies.

  • Consolidated approximately 12 million records from 8 distinct brands to establish a centralized customer database.

  • Implemented real-time data ingestion and reporting capabilities to enable proactive decision-making.

  • Established a dynamic cross-sell system aimed at doubling revenue generation opportunities.


  • Streamlined data management processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced customer segmentation and targeting capabilities, leading to more personalized interactions.

  • Increased revenue through the implementation of the dynamic cross-sell system.

  • Achieved a 25% reduction in data processing time.

  • Realized a 30% increase in customer engagement metrics.

  • Generated a 50% uplift in revenue from cross-selling initiatives.

  • Through strategic initiatives and streamlined processes, Authority Brands successfully optimized operations, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the market landscape.

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