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Your data partner for designing and executing value-centric data solutions.

Unlocking Data as a Value Creation Lever.

We specialize in harnessing the power of data as a strategic lever to elevate both business and firm value. Through advanced analytics, data modeling, and insightful interpretation, we empower organizations to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation, ultimately unlocking hidden opportunities for growth and success.

Strategic Data Consulting

Empower your data journey with the development of a Data Roadmap, in-depth discovery procedures, and strategic prioritization of use cases. Our skilled team is committed to creating a roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your business goals, providing a transparent and efficient route to maximize the value of your data.

Merger Data & Systems Unification

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing robust Data Warehouses, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Data Platforms, and Extract, Transform, Load processes. Our team is dedicated to structuring your data efficiently, ensuring seamless integration, and optimizing performance.

Executive & Operational Reporting

We excel in providing a comprehensive suite of services that revolve around Key Performance Indicators, Real-time Business Intelligence, and robust Data Governance. We guarantee the accuracy, security, and compliance of your data, fostering a foundation for informed decision-making and sustained business growth.

ROI-linked Data Analytics

Elevate your decision-making with our specialized services in delivering in-depth Business and Customer Insights. Our team excels in conducting comprehensive analyses that go beyond surface-level data, providing you with valuable and actionable insights.

AI / ML Growth Initiatives

We offer cutting-edge services that include Propensity Models and Algorithmic Decision Making. Our advanced models that forecast customer behaviors, enable you to anticipate preferences and optimize strategies. Algorithmic decision-making processes streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Beacon Differentiators.

Experienced leadership for hundreds of complex data projects.

ROI + Value Creation Focus 

We leverage in-house, proprietary solution blueprints and data models to achieve ROI at the speed of private equit.

​Simplify & Manage Complexity

​We navigate messy data problems and manage complex relationships to deliver right-sized data solutions.

​End-to-end Data

​From design, to development and implementation, our holistic approach gives you ownership of capabilities.

​Scalable, Fractional Data Teams

​Our right-sized teams offer the ideal blend of skill sets (both on- and off- shore) during the critical stages of each project.

Discover how Beacon can help.

Things We Do Well.

We meet clients where they are on the crawl-walk-run data spectrum and help them move up the curve.

Data Consolidation







Process Optimization



360 Degree




AI-fueled Predictions

ML Decision Making

How We Engage.

Beacon employs cross-functional teams to execute data transformation projects and operationalize AI / ML models. Our strategic approach delivers efficient and measurable results.

1 - Data Strategy

Need help devising and implementing expert data strategy? Our senior data strategists will understand your situation, architect your environment, and partner on execution.

2 - Data Engineering

Need help cleansing messy data and building a data warehouse? Our data engineers will reconcile and streamline your data into a single source of truth. 

3 - Data Analytics

Need a partner to help you challenge established thinking with clear, data-driven insights? We’ll help you prioritize use cases, avoid common pitfalls, and accelerate growth.

"Companies extensively using customer analytics are 2.6x more likely to have a significantly higher ROI than competitors (45% vs 18%)."

- McKingsey & Company

"60% of Investors have increased their investment in data analytics in the past year."

- Ernst & Young

"93% of data-driven organizations agree that big data helps them make better, faster decisions over the competition."

- Splunk

"Businesses who use big data saw a 10% decrease in overall costs."

- Entrepreneur

"Data-driven companies are 23x more likely to acquire customers than their peers."

- Forbes

"62% of retailers report gaining a competitive advantage from information and data analytics."


"Data-focused companies are ~19x more likely to be profitable and outperform competitors across all strategic and tactical KPIs."

- McKingsey & Company

"89% of Investors say data & analytics are important in portfolio management efforts."

- Ernst & Young

"Only 15% of companies show effective delivery of relevant, reliable customer experience - a big opportunity to create a competitive advantage."

- Salesforce

"Almost 90% of all data has been created in just the past two years."

- Kommando Tech

Delivering Data Driven Outcomes.

We partner with leading companies across multiple industries.

Sample client engagement outcomes:


Model Precision in attrition prediction


​Incremental revenue in 1st 5 months


​Increase in annual EBITDA


​Increase in marketing spend ROI


​Increase in loyalty members acquired


Increase in analyst sourcing efficiency

Business Meeting_edited_edited.jpg

In addition to helping increase the bottom line, many of our clients are mission-based organizations.

A few of our clients.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say.

"Beacon’s data experts killed it for us. They helped us solve one of our toughest customer data problems that really improved customer experience and increased loyalty membership by over 3x."

- David Neeleman, Azul Airlines Founder & Chairman

"We chose Beacon due to their extensive data experience, flexible engagement model, and willingness to prove themselves. They have out-of-the-box solutions and are partner first in every sense. With their help, we've made huge strides leveraging data to drive impact in new, category-busting ways."

- Brian Fenty, TodayTix CEO

"I appreciated their hands-on guidance and partner approach. With every decision, Beacon brought us options, allowing us to determine what fit best, giving us a feeling of ownership we can take moving into the future."

- Jeff Etringer, Tosca Integration & Development Manager

"We wanted to use ML to monitor merchant fraud and needed to understand how it could make a visible difference. Beacon’s recommended solutions resonated with me. They understood the problems I was dealing with and had the experience to help. I now have better support from my executive team on the solutions we are working on."

- William Atkinson, VP of Data at Complete Merchant Solutions

"We felt frustrated having loads of app data without the time to do analysis on productivity. Beacon took the time they needed to properly scope out the work and meet one-on-one to really understand the data. Now people don’t question our project investment; we can properly attribute fundraising dollars that drive our mission forward."

- Nick Ward, VP of Digital Marketing at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Partners & Preferred Vendors.

Beacon can flexibly work within your tech stack, or recommend and develop solutions using the latest technologies.

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